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Share your Traditions

From making Divinity Candy from Grandma’s secret recipe to caroling with the family around the piano, we all grew up with special holiday traditions we look forward to every year. Please share with us some of your favorite traditions!

Here are some other great Christmas Traditions!

On my daughter’s first Christmas my husband purchased her a snow globe. Each Christmas they have a special Daddy/Daughter day to pick out a new snow globe to add to her collection. They both look forward to it each year.

Margaret B.

We always kick off the holidays with the Grand illumination parade, then Thanksgiving night we go through the Botanical Gardens lights. Of course theirs dinners and parties with family and friends. Thankful for all the local things to do that makes the Holidays special.

Shirley C.

My daughter and I make homemade rice crispies and bring in Christmas with Disney movies and popcorn! She opens one gift Christmas Eve and leaves cookies and milk for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer!

Rebecca F.

Every year for the past 21 years my mother and I have watched The Muppets Christmas Carol while setting up the Christmas tree on the day after Thanksgiving. This year, we have to reschedule to Thanksgiving night as I will be caroling in Dickens’ Christmas Towne! Hopefully this is the start of a new tradition!

Topher J.