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New Entertainment in 2019.

We celebrated new entertainment highlights in the 2019 holiday season. Gingerbread men walk, nutcrackers talk, and a juggling “jack-in-the-box” will have you jumping out of your seat!  Magic and acrobatics are all part of the show – welcome to Fergus & Foggs’ Toy Emporium!

An eccentric inventor has created the most AMAZING vehicles your family has ever seen!  Fantastical cars. A flying bike. Even an airship! This season Dickens’ Christmas Towne proudly presents the wondrously extraordinary inventions of Professor Martin Picklepants!

RANDY THE PLAIN-NOSED REINDEER makes his Dickens’ Christmas Towne debut, and he’s got plenty to say!

Double click the image above to play the video.

We can’t wait to
see you this year!